Tokora, the Final Frontier

An elven word, Tokora means “Beyond Reach”. That could not be more accurate, as it is literally the furthest point from civilization. It is a sprawling continent that is very slightly explored, with a variety of climates and terrain.

It is the last freehold where, interestingly, there is not a single native human. The tribes are varied in race and values, though they all seem to adhere to the same pantheon of deities.

The fauna and flora are extremely exotic, never before seen on any part of the planet. Because of this, it was necessary to bring biologists to Tokora to document the strange new findings.

The extremes of the climate has never been observed in any other form before, ranging from scorching deserts to frosted mountains, from raging rivers to vivid blue seas. This leads some to ponder if this is the last land touched by the gods.

Tokora, the Final Frontier

the LAST FRONTIER. KriegtheMad