The Deylum Empire

Approximately 2000 years ago, an impetuous young Lord named Atticus Deylum founded what would eventually become the largest empire the world had ever known. To this day, Deylum’s descendants rule the throne.

The Deylum Empire preaches peace with progress, and has slowly but surely been spreading it’s reach throughout the entire known world. It’s detractors, however, claim the Deylum Empire has a strictly human-centered agenda, and would ignore the rights of the other races.

Regardless if this is true or not, the Deylites can be credited with furthering scientific progress, catalyzing an age of industrialization, and bringing an era of near-world peace.

The last frontier of Tokora remains the only land untouched by the Deylites. The prospect of the indigenous magic is intriguing to the Emperor and he hopes he can open trade with the relatively unknown Tokorans.

The Deylum Empire

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