The dominance of Humanity has been relatively bloodless, but has created conflict among a variety of races.


Despite a very reciprocal and close relationship for a thousand years, Elves have been slowly fading into obscurity. With their numbers dwindling, even the magic of the Elves seem to fade. Half-elves are more common than pure-bloods at this point, to the sorrow of some of the Elders. Their magic is still highly valued by the Deylum, but this leads to the thought that the Elves are being used at this point rather than actually being an ally.


Eclipsed in the process of tinkering by Humanity, the Dwarves have taken to the mines and seldom show their faces. While their numbers are scarce, their bloodline is not nearly as thin as the Elves. This is due to the fact that Dwarves cannot breed with humanity. Their mastery of runes and magical craft is still beyond humanity’s capability, and trade is still common.


Virtually wiped to extinction, the only area left on Earth with their kind is Tokora. They are unlike the Orcs that troubled the Deylites for centuries, and appear to be more in-tune with nature.


The smallkind, as humanity calls them, are still prominent to this day. They lack the political maneuvering of the other races, their numbers also dwindling, but their magic remains strong.


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