Lashmoore, Settler's Town

Lashmoore is the first settlement on Tokora, founded approximately four years ago. It started out as a simple penal colony, but has grown into a more legitimate town. A large percentage of the population still consists of criminals, but lately the town has been visited by more lords, intellectuals, and settlers interested in the undiscovered land.

Lashmoore is a fortress as much as it is a town, garrisoning an elite troop of soldiers from Deyland, the Empire’s capital. This is to protect the town from both internal and external threats. There is always the chance prisoners could attempt a coup of the city or a monster would try to crash the gates, rumbling into townsquare. Regardless, their presence is necessary.

The prisoners and true-settlers are walled-off from each other (obviously), and their contact is extremely limited. The settlers also frequently have visits from the friendlier indigenous people, who trade knowledge and raw materials.

The population stands at approximately 6,500.

Lashmoore, Settler's Town

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