The day has come that the races of magic feared; Humanity has surpassed them. The Human empire of Deylum has extended it’s reach to every corner of the world save one; the Lost Continent of Tokora.

In this wild and untamed land, unfathomable beasts and horrendous monsters reign supreme. The jungle is home to a variety of monsters that could crush a man under it’s leathery hide, impale him on it’s leathery tusk, or poison him with the tiniest pin prick.

The greatest threat of all, moreso than it’s creatures, are It’s people. Ranging from elves to orcs to gnomes to… anything, these people are untouched by the industrial influence of humanity. What makes them such a threat is their complete mastery of magic, far exceeding the powers the Deylites command.

If the empire of Deylum could harness this power… who knows what wonders they could accomplish.